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Tracks 1.02

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Just a 'heads up' for anyone here who is following Tracks development; I've released Tracks 1.02. Since I released version 1.01 in January, it has been dowloaded 1,111 times (neat number!), and the previous version was downloaded 189 times. Of course, only a tiny minority of those people will be actually using Tracks, but I'm still chuffed — and amazed — that it is continuing to gather so much interest.

Lighttpd, Rails and Tracks

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[Posted to both here and on Tracks] Jason, of TextDrive fame, has been singing the praises of lighttpd recently. In my experience, when Jason sings about something techie, it's worth listening. A week or so ago, the Apache installation I use to test Tracks locally abruptly stopped working. I'm pretty sure that I just messed something up in my httpd.conf, but my motivation to go through it, find the problem and fix it was seriously lacking.

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