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TWSBI Go fountain pen

As a fountain pen fan, Cult Pens is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. They also produce an email newsletter which (unlike most such publications) I actually read and enjoy. While reading the most recent newsletter, I found out about the new TWSBI Go fountain pen. I’ve had a few TWSBI products before, and I have got a lot of enjoyment out of them. They tend to be well made (particularly for a relatively low price), and they often include some interesting and novel ideas. Continue reading →

Parker 51


Parker 51 capped

Once you get interested in fountain pens, there inevitably comes a time when you read about a pen and get curious. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already got a number of very nice pens — in fact that exacerbates the problem. The more you use different pens, the better you understand your own preferences. I try to resist these impulses when the pens are expensive, but is less easy to resist if the pen can be bought for a very reasonable price. That’s how I came to buy a Parker 51.

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Noodler's Konrad fountain pen

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Disclaimer: this pen was sent to me free of charge by Pen Chalet in exchange for my review of the pen on this site. However, the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. If you watch documentaries where the presenters examine original historical documents, there’s often a moment when you find yourself marvelling at the beautiful handwriting of the document’s author. I’m thinking particularly of documents from the 19th Century which are often written in an immaculate copperplate hand. Continue reading →

TWSBI Diamond Mini and Ink Bottle

My fountain pen obsession continues, unabated. The problem is, once you start, you find out what kinds of features you enjoy in a fountain pen, and which don’t work so well for you, and you have to keep on acquiring pens explore that even further. The other problem is that if you develop an ‘ink habit’ too, you want to get more pens so that you can have pens filled with each of your favourite inks. Continue reading →

That's a wrap

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A few weeks ago, my fellow Twitter fountain pen-aholics and I were ogling the Enveloop: a lovely canvas and suede pen wrap which looked ideal for keeping each pen separated and safe, but easily accessible. Until now, I have been using a small black Muji pencil case, which had one separate zipped pocket on the outside, in which I kept my beloved Lamy 2000 fountain pen. However, since then, I’ve acquired (somehow — my hand slipped on the ‘Buy’ button! Continue reading →

Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen

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It was my birthday recently, and I was lucky enough to be given gifts of money by a few lovely friends and family. One of the things I bought was a Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen. I know, I know: another fountain pen? Wasn’t I raving about the Lamy 2000 only recently?1 Well, I haven’t fallen out of love with my Lamy — far from it. I use it every day, and each time I pick it up and write with it, I love it even more. Continue reading →