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Building a hand-wired Corne keyboard

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It seems that building keyboards is addictive. After my first attempt, I made another, this time a version with LED lighting. At least, that was the plan. While the soldering for the keyboard itself went smoothly, soldering the LEDs (SK6812MINI 3228 LEDs) was enormously frustrating. These LEDs have tiny contact pads on the back of the unit, so to solder them into the openings in the PCB so that they shine through the switches, you are supposed to create solder bridges from the back of the LED to the PCB. Since the LEDs melt at temperatures quite close to those needed to melt lead-free solder this — to put it mildly — is quite a challenge. On one half of the keyboard, I got some of the underglow lights working, but none of the per-key lights. On the other half, none of the lights worked. I finished the keyboard and was pleased with the low-profile build, but the situation with the lights quietly nagged at me. Through a combination of curiosity and stubbornness, I felt compelled to have another go, and this third Corne keyboard is the result.

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