Yoda spam

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I've just had some spam from Yoda:


The company on development web project are required Financial Leader(permanent or temporary work). You it is necessary whole only pair hours a day for this work, rest we shall teach you. The company guarantees the social package, honesty in cooperation, ensuring the salary beforehand on acceptance on work, vacation. Acceptance is realized on competitive base. We are pleased each workman!

Salary from 5000 pounds in mounth.

Being a Jedi Master must not pay as well as it did, so poor little Yoda has had to diversify into web development — he might be using the name 'Ninette', but I'd know that syntax anywhere. I must say that I'm interested by the £5000 in mounth (one orally-delivered pay cheque per month?), and reassured that "is necessary whole only pair hours a day". You don't want to be working those unpaired hours — it's a killer. So tempting, particularly as the boss might even teach me how to use a light sabre during my lunch hour!