Wonderful sounds

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Are you tired? Do you need a holiday? Then head on over to quietamerican.org, and go on a one-minute vacation. Every Monday, Aaron Ximm uploads a 60 second recording of somewhere in the world. Put on a good pair of headphones, sit back with a glass of wine and let yourself drift off somewhere.

The recordings are absolutely wonderful. There's everything from a woman singing in an oil drum in Antarctica, the sound of the London Underground (Northern Line) and the gentle boom of the Baltic Sea at Ahreshoop. I could listen to these recordings for hours.

The Antarctic recording is particularly haunting, and reminds me of an occasion several years ago when I was tagging along with a small group being shown around the Duomo in Pisa, Italy. The tour guide was describing the perfect acoustics; if you know what you are doing, the echoes allow you to sing a harmony with yourself. He started to demonstrate and the beautiful notes cascaded down on us. It was all I could do to stop myself from crying. The Ahrenshoop recording is gorgeous too. I could quite easily fall asleep to it playing on a loop.

[via Antipixel]