Wireless in Starbucks


This is very cool. I'm sitting in Starbucks eating a muffin for breakfast and posting to my blog through the wireless hotspot. I've just spent the past half hour dredging through and deleting about 70 spam emails, which slightly took the gloss off my current well-disposed-towards-technology mood, but it's still cool. I feel really at home because there's a guy with a TiBook and an Apple T-shirt sitting opposite me. I would be more comfortable, but the air-conditioning is really fierce, and I feel like I need a coat on. Meanwhile, outside it's lovely and balmy — Floridians are mad.

The preceding posts were written over a number of days and I've just dumped them on to the page in more or less any order (the date in square brackets is when I actually wrote the post to give you some idea of the timeline). This will probably be the last upload on entries until I get back, unless I decide to lug my laptop over here again before we go.