Where did the week go?

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I'm amazed to find that a week has passed since I last posted here. It has been an incredibly busy week at work. By a series of unfortunate coincidences, I've ended up in a 'Perfect Storm' of important deadlines, and as a result, I've barely had time to draw breath. The next couple of weeks are going to be just as busy, but I'm determined to take a little break this weekend, or I'm not going to get through it.

As a result of all the stuff I had on, I missed seeing Obama's Inauguration. I haven't even watched the speech on YouTube yet, so I'm hoping to catch up with that this weekend. All of the coverage flowed around me: I saw people 'LiveTwittering' it out of the corner of my eye, caught sight of headlines on other people's newspapers and overheard people talking about it.

The day after the Inauguration, I heard two women discussing Barack Obama while reading their copies of Metro on the train: "He speaks clearly and simply. He makes so much sense." Her friend agreed with a tone of wonder. Even without all the other expectations of his Presidency, just having a President who can string a sentence together (though perhaps not an Oath!) makes it seem like a whole new world.