Wedding photographs

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A few weeks ago, we went to the wedding of a couple of friends of ours. I've just got the photographs that I took back from the developer, and I've put a few up on Wings Open Wide. It was a wonderfully unconventional wedding. The groom is in a band — Red Star Cycle — and they played a set at the reception. My Lomo camera loves occasions like this, so I tried to keep my hand as steady as possible and took some very long-exposure shots.

Whenever I take long exposure shots of people, it reminds me that humans are such ephemeral creatures. In the few seconds that the shutter is open, we become transparent ghosts leaving only trails of colour and light behind. Only the more long-lived objects — like buildings, trees and sketches by Burne-Jones — remain comparatively solid. If you held the shutter open for 100 years, only trees and some buildings would be solid — everything else would fade to transparency. Time is a funny thing.