Web applications


I found a great to-do list/task manager application yesterday, called — appropriately enough — tasks. It's a PHP-driven web application, rather than a standard application. This has the advantage (or disadvantage, depending on your stress levels) of making your to-do list available from any computer. You can even get it to email you a list of upcoming and overdue tasks every day with a well-placed cron job.

It's very smooth indeed, and being written in PHP you can customise it to your needs and tastes. This makes me want to learn PHP, but I think I'd better wait until I've got at least a tenuous grip on Perl before I tackle that. Alex King also has a very smart looking gallery application to sort out your image collection from a similar PHP interface. The whole thing makes me want to get my own server so that I could have my calendars, tasks, music and photos available from any other computer. I don't suppose that anyone has got a G4 going spare that they would care to donate to me? No, I thought not.