Watch those trousers — they can kill!

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I found this very funny but also a little troubling; if about 0.008%^1^ of Britons can't cope with even a simple and common article of clothing without doing themselves an injury, then the country is in desperate trouble. This quote really made me laugh:

According to Rospa, trousers are responsible for more accidents than any other garment: "In the UK around 3,695 people attend hospital every year as a result of an accident with trousers," says spokeswoman Karen Blanchette. Among the incidents she recounts are "accidentally tripping because of a wide-flared trouser" and "putting your trousers on too quickly, losing your balance, and falling over".

I know that people complain about the 'nanny state', but I hadn't considered until now that it might be meant quite this literally.

[via 2lmc spool]

^1^ Assuming that only people over 16 are stupid enough be unable to get their trousers on safely, the population of the UK over 16 is about 47 million. I'm also assuming that the numbers aren't made up by a few people who repeatedly trip over their trousers. Perhaps this is a foolish assumption.