Voco clock

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I'm rather tempted by this alarm clock which wakes you with the honeyed tones of Stephen Fry (as Jeeves). Who wouldn't enjoy the illusion of their own personal Gentleman's Gentleman rousing them gently and politely from sleep, bearing a tray of freshly brewed coffee in a silver pot, precision-cut toast, and -- if necessary -- an astonishingly effective hangover cure? Sadly, only the audio part of that illusion is included with the clock.

I did, however, notice a rather disturbing thing (disturbing to me, at least). If you go to the downloads page, you'll see some samples of both the 'Good morning, sir' and 'Good morning, madam' greetings. The first thing you notice is that the 'Good morning, madam' samples are conspicuously more verbose than sir's. Second, a good number of them deal in some way with issues of dieting, clothes, beauty or -- gah! -- horoscopes.

I feel that a female Bertie Wooster would give this kind of morning routine the short shrift it deserves^1^: "Dash it all, Jeeves, if you're going to trouble me early in the a.m. by blithering on about shoes and suchlike, you can jolly well biff off instanter and start perusing the Sits. Vac. for a new position!"

^1^ With humble apologies to P.G. Wodehouse, who would have put it a lot better.