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Since we got our EyeTV unit, we've accumulated quite a collection of recordings that we'd like to burn to DVD. Some fit neatly on a disc, but others are just a tiny bit too long to fit on a single disc, and with a film it's annoying to have to cut it in half and split it over two.

I wanted to make a disc for my Dad for Father's Day, but I couldn't fit the 15 episodes of a particular show on one disc (I can't say which show in case he happens to read this before next Sunday), and I only had one blank DVD left. What to do...

Fortuitously, I came across VisualHub, which not only converts a huge range of video formats into a number of other formats (for iPod, TV, DVD, PSP etc.), but also claimed to be able to compress video so that 18 hours could be fitted on a single-sided DVD. So I tried it and found that it works really well. The automatic compression required to fit more than 5 hours of footage on to a DVD resulted in no noticeable decrease in quality, and it was really easy to use. I can see that I'm going to get a lot of use out of that.