Valentine's Day soppiness

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Mr. Bsag has fallen in love again on Valentine's Day. He found the Retired Greyhound Trust's page, and hasn't been the same since. Every few minutes, he finds another really cute photo, and makes the kind of cooing sounds that people usually reserve for small babies. Now that I've seen them, I'm going all mushy too. Spike in particular, seems like the kind of goofy-looking dog I could do business with.

I grew up with lots of pets, but since I left home I've lived in rented places where I haven't been allowed to keep pets, and I've always felt that there's been something missing. We'll have to wait a bit longer, as the tenancy agreement on our current flat specifically prohibits pets (and children, actually, so there'll be no little Bsags until we can move). In any case, judging by these pictures, the first thing you need when you get a greyhound is a couple of spare sofas, as they seem to be comfort-seeking missiles, with an uncanny ability to fill any soft furniture to overflowing with miles of skinny legs.