Tunnel of Light

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This photo reminded me of something I meant to write about when I got back from Germany, but forgot about. Frankfurt airport has an amazing link corridor through which those moving walkways run to speed you between gates. It's painted white and generally dimly lit, but a series of lights paint the walls with a shifting set of colours, producing an effect a little like the Aurora Borealis. At the same time, there's a sound track of bird song, running water and gentle bells, which is quite soothing. However, they they didn't stop there, and there's also a subtle but perceptible smell of mint or citrus (or perhaps both), which has a refreshing effect. I found it quite a nice — if slightly odd — experience after being cooped up on a plane for several hours, although the whole thing made me feel as if I'd unwittingly ended up on that space station in the film 2001. It had the same self-consciously futuristic feel.

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