Trivia Tag

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I got tagged with the Trivia Tag meme by Matthieu Riou, and it must be getting near Christmas because I thought, ah, why not? Let's think of it as the blogging equivalent of having a glass of wine too many at the office Christmas party and thinking it might be funny to photocopy some hitherto hidden part of your anatomy.

So, five little-known things about me:

  1. I cry every time I watch the film ET. Every flipping time. Even though I tell myself that it's just cynical emotional manipulation on the part of Spielberg, it still invariably makes me blub like a baby.
  2. My favourite smell is that given off by the feathers at the back of a barn owl's head.
  3. My right leg twists outwards slightly, prompting my Tae Kwon-Do instructor (many years ago) to ask me if I'd ever fallen off a horse and fractured my pelvis. No, I'm naturally just rather badly put together. In those idle moments when you brood about such things, I've speculated that if I was unfortunate enough to ever face having a leg amputated, I'd be slightly less unhappy if it was my right leg that had to go.
  4. I like the combination of peanut butter (wholemeal, crunchy) and Marmite.
  5. My first and last appearance on the stage (at school) was as the speaking end of Arthur the Pantomime Horse in a production of Wind in the Willows. My portrayal of Arthur owed more than a little to Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I'm supposed to tag five more people to list their five bits of Trivia, but I'm feeling lazy and rebellious (an odd combination), so I'm just going to leave it open. If anyone feels like taking up the challenge, be my guest.