Tiny fluffy kittens


Ever since I saw the link on Plasticbag.org, I've been hoplessly addicted to watching Kitten Cam . I've spoken before about my weakness for cute fluffy things. This, added to the fact that I really like cats, but can't keep any because I live in a rented flat where pet ownership isn't allowed, makes the Kitten Cam as addictive as crack for me. I keep telling Mr. Butshesagirl that I'm "just going to have a quick look at what the kittens are doing".

So far, my highly-trained biologist's skills (cough) allow me to tell you that kittens do three things: suckle, sleep, and lie on each other's heads, but it's utterly fascinating. Actually, as an animal behaviourist, I'm beginning to think that webcams are the way to study behaviour. There's no possibility of Clever Hans effects, and more importantly you can sit on your sofa comfortably, laptop on lap, coffee mug in hand and work. No more getting frozen/soaked/baked/bitten to death by mosquitos! Hmm, there's a grant application in there somewhere...