Tiger tiger burning bright

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Tiger gave me another pleasant surprise today. I've got an external Iomega SuperDrive CD/DVD-RW at work, but due to a slight glitch in communication with the person who bought it for me, I ended up with a USB2 unit rather than a Firewire one. Under Panther, the drive wasn't recognised by the system, so I couldn't use iDVD or the Finder to burn discs. There were ways around it, so I didn't return the drive, but it was irritating.

Today, I had to burn some footage to a DVD and switched the burner on. To my surprise, Tiger fully supports the drive now, so I could use iDVD to burn the disc without any problems. It's great to see more hardware being supported by Mac OS X.

[Apologies are due to Mr. W. Blake for abusing his poem in pursuit of a Sun-style punning headline. Sorry, William.]