Thoughts per millisecond

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Sometimes it's funny how many thoughts can pass through your head in a very short period of time.

Last Friday, I had a very busy day, but was feeling really ill so I came back to work from home for the afternoon. I was later than I expected to be, and hungry because I hadn't had time for lunch. So I started making a sandwich, feeling a bit shaky and dizzy as I did so. I'd just finished the preparation and was about to fill my glass with some fruit juice when I felt it slip out of my hand.

We have a tiled kitchen floor, so almost anything breakable dropped on it tends to do just that. As the glass headed towards the floor I thought, "Oh no, not again" in a bowl of petunias falling towards a planet through space kind of way. To my astonishment, the glass actually bounced off the tiles without breaking. As it headed back up, I was thinking "Cool! It's like that scene in Mon Oncle where Monsieur Hulot bounces the futuristic glass on the floor of the kitchen...". That thought was swiftly followed by, "...Hey, but I'd better catch the glass right now, because it's not going to bounce a second... OK. Too late". The glass shattered into a million tiny, shards on the floor.

If only I spent less time thinking and more time doing, I might have one more glass in the cupboard today.