The Sound of Denmark

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If you want to relax and chill out this weekend, have a look at Danish Soundscapes [via BoingBoing]. I particularly reccomend "Koeer/Gallop" (Galloping cows) or "Naaleskov" (pine forest).

Koeer Gallop reminds me of being on the Isle of Mull. I worked there for a summer, helping out with whale watching tours. I was the scientific officer (very exciting for a just-graduated biologist), but in practice I did the science stuff, drove the "whalies" around, and made the tea. Plus �a change... For most of the time, I lived on a boat in the loch (stories about this will no doubt follow at some point), but for the last few weeks I lived in a caravan. There was no toilet in the caravan (well, there was, but you could see the grass below through the u-bend), so a call of nature meant a 200 yard trek through a bog (the botanical kind) to a toilet in a nearby portacabin.

On one of my night-time treks to the portacabin, I had company. It was a moonless night, but I could see shapes moving in the darkness. As I stood there, a whole herd of red deer galloped by, hooves drumming and splashing on the boggy ground, their breath filling the darkness. Quite something for a nocturnal toilet trip. Now, every time I hear the line in the carol "The Holly and the Ivy" about the running of the deer, I think about this experience, so much wilder and darker than the pretty image usually associated with the carol.