The Eden Project

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[The Great Escape, day three: written 13th August, 2005]

Coming around the rim of the former quarry in which the Eden Project is situated feels like entering the set of a Doctor Who episode. The two enormous Biodomes sit in the bottom of the quarry like giant alien eggs. At any moment, I expected to see Christopher Eccleston striding along in his leather coat. Well, a girl can dream...

The exhibits and labels show wit, creativity and scholarship, and include folklore and myths about plants, as well as scientific facts. The whole place is playful (as you can see from some of my photos here), and you explore each area with a genuine curiosity to see what's around the corner — just like Heligan.

The giant tropical biodome is a marvel, that rivals some cathedrals for its ability to inspire awe. However, I managed to come away with a more tangible reminder of the day; I got badly bitten by mosquitoes (goodness only knows how). That doesn't seem to bode well for my trip to the real tropics in September.