The cobbler's family goes unshod

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I'm really ashamed that it has taken me so long -- particularly since I do so much stuff on teh intarwebs -- but I've finally got around to re-building Mr. Bsag's art site, Artfall.

Part of the reason it took so long (apart from being incredibly busy) was that about 18 months ago, he started making prints (woodcuts, linocuts, aquatint, intaglio and so on) rather than paintings, so he needed to build up a portfolio of the new work to show. The other problem is that Mr. B is not what you might call a technophile, and is much more interested in making art than websites. If I have to maintain the site, it will just stagnate because I've got too many other things to keep on top of, so it needed to be something he could cope with using on his own, as part of his normal workflow. I've tried lots of things for his site over the years, but in the end I settled with RapidWeaver. There was a free copy with MacUser a few weeks ago, and when I tried it out, I was impressed with how easy it was to create and maintain a simple site in a WYSIWYG way, while producing quite clean, valid code. It also has very nice integration with iPhoto, so he can just create an album for the site in iPhoto with titles, select that album in RapidWeaver, hit Publish Site, and boom (as Steve Jobs is fond of saying) -- there it is online.

RapidWeaver comes with some nice themes, so rather than toiling endlessly over a design of my own, which probably wouldn't end up looking as professional as some of the available themes, I went with 'Milky' from Elixir Graphics, which is clean and simple, but rather nice. I tweaked a few colours and font sizes, but otherwise left well alone.

So, other than managing to finally pull my finger out and get the thing done, I deserve no credit at all for this site, but Mr. Bsag deserves a lot of kudos for producing such wonderful prints. Photographing them doesn't do them justice, but do go and have a look, and tell all your friends -- particularly your rich, art-loving friends with bare walls!

If I can't provide him with shoes in a timely manner, I can at least pimp his work.