The Blues

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We saw a gig advertised in the local paper that was to be held at one of our local pubs: an American acoustic Blues guitarist called Ben Andrews. He got a rave review, and as we both love Blues music, we decided it was too good an opportunity to let pass.

Sometimes fate doesn't treat our attempts to see live music kindly. On this occasion, we got to the venue a little early to pick up our tickets, only to be greeted with, "Oh, you haven't heard? Ben Andrews has cancelled his tour." It was a real disappointment, but The Sutton Blues Collective — who organised the gig — rose to the challenge of over 70 very disappointed customers masterfully. Several local artists played a free concert instead, and we had a great night.

I think my favourites were Fret & Fiddle. They played a wide variety of styles, but mainly a kind of gypsy jazz or swing in the style of Django Reinhardt. They were fabulous, and it was impossible not to smile and at least tap a toe. Had there been room, I might have felt the urge to get up and dance. When I Get A Turntable^1^, I'm definitely going to seek out some old Django recordings, or at least some music in that style. It's the kind of thing that would certainly enjoy the warmth and crackle of good old vinyl. I think we'll also be going along to some more of the gigs. They are very reasonably priced given the quality of the artists, and the pub in which they are held sells Leffe on tap. What more could you ask?

^1^ This has become a bit of a refrain of mine, hence the title case.