Tea leaf

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I lived in Oxford for 13 years, and over that time I owned a succession of bicycles, some of which were quite good quality. Despite the fact that Oxford is one of the great bike theft capitals of Britain, I never had a bike stolen. Mr. Bsag went to Oxford today on the coach, taking his nearly new Brompton folding bike with him. You can probably guess what's coming next.

I got a phone call from him at lunch time to say that he'd left the bike outside a shop for ten minutes — locked to an immovable object with a decent cable lock — and had come out to find it gone. However, there are worse things that can happen. It's just property after all — and insured property at that. It's annoying and inconvenient, but as long as the insurers are reasonable about it, nothing more than that. Still, I'm going to miss the little folding yellow fella sitting in the garage.