Talented Brummies

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Exciting news, everyone! Mr. Bsag's Artfall has been submitted (not by me, amazingly) to a new digg.com-like site for promoting Birmingham and its many talented people: upyerBrum.com (great domain name).

Birmingham can be a tough place for artists (and those involved with the Arts in general). It's chock full of very talented artists, but it can be incredibly hard to get your work in front of interested people, or even find a space where you can work. Mr. B. is a shy, modest and totally lovely person who tends towards extreme self-deprecation, which also doesn't help. That's why it's great to have sites like upyerBrum and Birmingham: It's Not Shit bigging up Brummies and all their wonderful works. Long may they continue.

If you like Mr. Bsag's work and feel like expressing it, do visit upyerBrum and vote, which will push the entry on his site to the top of the front page! You don't need to be registered to vote, only to submit stories.