Taking note

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So, I have to edit this thing for work. It's not a huge edit, just a bit of information to add to a paragraph of a collaboratively written document. In a meeting last week about this document, I made some notes on the print-out of the document, so that — I thought at the time — I would remember what I had to do when I got around to the writing this week.

And can I now make any sense at all of my scribbled notes, arrows, underlining and other hieroglyphics? Reader, I cannot. As far as I can make out, the notes are instructions for building a space elevator, written with a Da Vinci-esque mirror script. In Klingon. It's funny that something that seemed so straightforward at the time can be so utterly impenetrable now. Or it would be funny, if I didn't have to mentally reconstruct the whole thing as a consequence.