Stuffy offices


Why is it that office buildings are so badly designed for ventilation? My office — in common with many, I'm sure — has been like a sauna for the past few days, with none of the benefits of being able to sit around semi-naked doing nothing. It's cold in winter, boiling and airless in summer, and even when it's bright and sunny outside, we need to have the lights on. Quite apart from the discomfort, it seems a terrible waste of resources. Our building is by no means unusual in this; most of the office buildings I've been in are stuffy and hot, or stuffy and cold if they have air conditioning.

Surely it doesn't have to be like this? I know that there are awkward limitations caused by trying to pack a lot of different rooms into a large building, but it must be possible to get a reasonable airflow through the rooms, and not have others which act like giant greenhouses. Our flat is remarkably cool in summer, even on the hottest day, and yet is quite cosy and warm in winter. It's just a pity that I have to spend so much of my life in the office — especially in the summer.