Staying open


One of the pitfalls of commuting on public transport every day is that it is so easy to switch off and close in on yourself. You travel the same route each day at about the same time, and the sirens of the rails want to seduce you into switching off and just being passively transported; it's hard to resist. But I don't want to spend two hours each day as a zombie. There's always something new to see and experience, even on the most familiar route — you just have to keep your eyes and ears fully open.

I'll give you two small examples from the past few days:

  • A flash of russet in a patch of sunlight on a green embankment caught my eye, and I had a glimpse of a fox contentedly scratching its chin. It was an almost subliminal snapshot that lodged in my mind for the rest of the day.
  • Early in the morning, the low sun poured molten silver into the graffitied scratches on the train windows, turning them into a bright, shining random spider's web.

I'm trying to collect something special every day.