Spuds ahoy!

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Fruit of ourlabours{width=“240” height=“180”}

Although some of our potatoes are probably not quite ready for harvesting just yet (particularly the maincrop variety), we are impatient and decided to try digging up a couple of of the plants to see how they were doing. Other people on the allotment have been complaining that their yields have been very low this year, so we were pleasantly surprised to get quite a good haul. There are some very tiny ones, but also some that will make more than a couple of mouthfuls. We also -- as is traditional when you grow your own -- got a few amusingly shaped spuds.

The allotment is going pretty well at the moment, after a slow start. We've also got plenty of courgettes (you can see today's haul in the photo, and we have more in the fridge from earlier in the week), and lots of nasturtium flowers for salads. The tomatoes are coming along slowly but surely, and the runner, Cherokee and dwarf beans are finally coming into flower after sulking for a couple of months.

Digging potatoes is brilliant - you never quite know what's going to come up, but it feels like digging for treasure.