Spoofed email

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If anyone else has received an email with the subject line "The Garden of Eden" which appears to originate from my rousette.org.uk email address, I hope that I don't need to tell you that I didn't send it. I've received one email from a perplexed recipient already, but I'm reluctant to reply directly to the sender in case it's an even more byzantine spamming attempt.

The email is most likely from a sender who is unknowingly infected with the Klez virus. This virus can spoof the "From:" address using an entry in the address book of an infected user. So if any of you have my email address in your address book (and you are devil-may-care enough to use MS LookOut Outlook), perhaps you might think about giving your hard drive a quick once-over with an anti-virus application.

This has been a Bsag Computer Safety Announcement. "Charlie says 'Don't play with viruses'."^1^

^1^ Google has failed me. I made a valiant attempt to provide an explanatory link for those who weren't watching UK television in the 1970s, and were therefore not exposed to Charlie the Cat's unintelligible pronouncements about the utter foolishness of playing on railway lines. A Bsag Brownie Point goes to the first person providing a link...