Spam comments


I've been somewhat plagued by a deluge of spam comments on the site recently, so I was very interested in this hack to delete a spam comment directly from the email notification. I agree with Erik though--a direct link to also rebuild the site and add the offending IP to the banned list would be just perfect.

Does anyone have any clever strategies for dealing with this kind of thing? I check my email fairly frequently, but I find it irritating to have to immediately wade through several pages of options to get rid of some objectionable comment so that I'm not inadvertently promoting a p0rn site. On the other hand, I really don't want to turn commenting off, because I think that the comments are the best part of writing my blog. Sure, I get the occasional troll visiting along with the spammers, but the majority of comments are funny, informative, interesting or thought-provoking. Or in exceptional cases, all of the above. All I want is a painless way to get rid of the 2% of abusive comments.