Someone’s not having a good day


I wasn't able to check my email all day today, so I was expecting to have quite an overflowing inbox when I got back. However, I hadn't bargained for the flood of mailing list posts I was going to receive. I hadn't bargained for it, because I hadn't signed up for it. It seems that someone called Jason T. Slack has bought a text editor, Pepper, from its original creator Maarten Hekkelman. This is good news: Pepper was a very good shareware text editor, with many nice features, but Maarten had stopped developing it. I bought it some time ago, and used it frequently until development slowed and I switched to BBEdit. The bad news was that Jason had signed all the purchasers of Pepper up to a new mailing list, without their permission. Now this wasn't really going to win him friends and influence people, let alone persuade people to buy his new version of Pepper. All day, my inbox has been filling up with emails from angry geeks berating Jason for signing them up. Worse still, when he provided instructions for unsubscribing, all the unsubscribe emails got sent to the list as well, increasing the numbers of unwelcome emails even more. Oh dear. To be fair, some people have welcomed the return of Pepper, but many will never want to have anything to do with it again after this debacle.