“So what is it you do, Professor?”


Sometimes you can't make this kind of stuff up: Prof. John M. Gottman has been using non-linear mathematical modelling of spousal conversations to predict divorce. (The title of the Chronicle piece is absolutely inspired!) This comment particularly caught my eye:

Biologists, who by definition don't like math — they're people who like science but didn't want to study math, right? — have been resistant to mathematical biology, and often wonder whether the equations give you anything more than a redescription of what you already knew from common sense.

Er, that would be me, then. Though I slightly resent the idea that math (or maths as call it) is the natural choice for someone interested in science, and that biologists are somehow people who fail the entrance requirements and have to settle for second best. I'm hoping he was teasing us.

[via BoingBoing]