Snowed out

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Yesterday was supposed to be the opening night for the Birmingham Open art show, at which Mr. Bsag was exhibiting. With the snow falling heavily and Birmingham City Council closing things left, right and centre, he called them to ask if the opening night was still going ahead, to which they said yes. I was supposed to be joining him, but as the weather deteriorated and our prospects of an unhindered journey back on the train afterwards decreased accordingly, I wasn't feeling too keen. Nevertheless, the instinct to stand by my man and celebrate his achievement (and -- I must admit -- the faint but highly appealing prospect of free wine), forced me to toil into town through the slippery combination of fresh snow on partly-melted slush. A quick call to Mr. Bsag to arrange a meeting place revealed that he'd found the Gas Hall shut up, with a message that the opening night was cancelled. Great. It was a real disappointment, and doubly annoying as we'd made the effort to get in.

We had a consoling drink in the Wellington to cheer ourselves up (and warm up), then trudged home again, hoping that the opening night will be re-run sometime next week.