Snow makes UK grind to a halt


The recent snow chaos, with motorists stuck in their cars for 20 hours, might have been tailor-made to showcase the Great British Stereotype. Namely:

  • British infrastructure, creaky at the best of times, inevitably buckles under the strain of totally unexpected events — such as a snow storm that was clearly indicated on all of the TV and Radio weather forecasts.
  • Despite the fact most conversations between British people are principally to do with the weather in some way, we have a fundamental inability to cope with any meteorological conditions more extreme than a light drizzle.
  • ‘Plucky' Brits stuck for 20 hours in their freezing cars on the M11 will always display a ‘Blitz spirit', making jokes and cups of tea for one another and singing "Roll Out The Barrel". Or so we are told. My arse.