Smelly car

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We've had a very peripatetic end of the week and weekend, driving (it seemed) half way across the country a couple of times on various errands. I'm not particularly keen on driving at the best of times, but I feel like I don't want to get back into my car for a least a couple of weeks. Part of this aversion is down to an unfortunate odour we picked up in Staffordshire.

As we were driving along, we smelt a very strong 'country smell'. When it didn't go away after a couple of miles, we began to think that perhaps all this was just the normal honk of Staffordshire. After we'd got back, I went back to the car to empty it out, and nearly keeled over with the stench of manure. It turns out that we were carrying the smell around with us; we followed a tractor for a while, and some splashes of the brown stuff seem to have made their way into every nook and cranny of our car, including the air intake. Every time we switch the air blowers on, we get blast of 'eau du vache' along with the cool air. I washed the car this morning, but this doesn't seem to have eliminated the smell. Oh well, it will wear off eventually, I suppose, and we might be able to grow some prize tomatoes in the engine.