Setting the screensaver interval

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I have a bit of a cheeky question for all you black belt Applescript coders out there; is there an easy way (or any way at all) to set the interval before the screensaver starts in an Applescript? I've tried searching the web and even browsing the relevant Applescript dictionaries, but I can't seem to find anything relevant.

I'd like to know because I've started using Location X — a very useful little application which allows you to construct a group of settings for things like network details, SMTP server, default printers, energy saver preferences and so on, and switch between them easily. I find it very convenient for moving between work and home with my laptop. Although it's already easy to switch network locations, but changing the SMTP setting for certain email accounts when you do so is a bit of a chore. I've also set up a location called 'Presentations', in which the network is turned off, the screen is set never to go blank, the computer never sleeps and the screen is not locked when the computer wakes. The one missing piece is that I'd like to set the screensaver interval to 'Never' for presentations, and about 10 or 15 minutes for my other locations. You can trigger Applescripts or shell scripts when you change locations, so if I can find out how to set the interval programatically, my problems will be solved. Well, this particular problem, anyway.

Any ideas?