was amazed by the number of Police still hanging around on Friday morning. As the coach came past Buckingham Palace, there was a military helicopter flying low over the grounds and a Police officer about every 10m. It was a proper 'ring of steel'--or rather a 'ring of fluorescent yellow' as it was raining and the coppers all had their waterproofs on.

I'm no monarchist, but I can imagine the Queen thinking that it was all a lot of fuss over nothing. After all, she lives there all year without the huge Police presence, and still manages not to get herself blown up. She must have rolled her eyes and tried to refrain from saying to Bush, "We stayed here during the Blitz, you know, when doodlebugs were dropping all around. If you can't deal with a little risk, you're welcome to turn around and go right home."

I'm of the opinion that security measures tend to invite people to try and break them. People with burglar alarms get burgled because thieves think that they must have something worth stealing. A 'hard limousine' is just begging for someone to try firing on it to see just how bullet-proof it is. Judging by the recent fake footman debacle, the Queen is obviously of the same opinion.