Scott eVest

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Damn you TidBITS! If it wasn't for your article on iPod accessories, I might never have known about the Scott eVest, and I wouldn't have wanted one. Gah.

I love pockets, and this jacket has 30 of them (a long and embarrassing search if you forget which you put your mobile phone into), and--get this--a Personal Area Network! I love the idea of a jacket so geeky that you need a several explanatory videos to point out all the features. This would be a great solution for me. Womens clothes are--for some reason that I've never been able to fathom--woefully ill-equipped in the pocket department, which is why we are always forced to borrow the pockets of our menfolk. I also have a pathological aversion to handbags[1], so I have to carry an non-handbag type bag to put all the essentials in. This also has to be compatible with carrying a rucksack (with my laptop in) when walking, and with riding my recumbent (so it can't be on my back). It's not an easy brief to fill.

[1] I would like to point out that there's a world of difference between a 'handbag' and a bag that you happen to carry in your hand. 'Handbags' are only big enough for one key and a lipstick, unless they are of the 'Granny' kind, in which case they can contain enough supplies to keep a family of four going for a week, and also double as a handy weapon against muggers.