Saturday software


I've just found a fantastically useful audio utility: Audio Hijack Pro produced by Rogue Amoeba Software (great name, eh?). As the name suggests, it can 'hijack' any audio source (like RealOne, iTunes etc.), so that you can apply some sophisticated audio plug-ins or filters, or (and this was what attracted me) record from the source.

As I've mentioned many times before, I'm a BBC Radio 4 and Radio 7 addict, but often miss programmes because they're on at awkward times. It's true that some of the programmes on Radio 4 are available for playback, but then we have to listen at the computer, as we can't stream RealOne to the SliMP3 player. With Audio Hijack, you can record playback streams to MP3, and even set up a timer to record live broadcasts. It works beautifully, and allows us to listen on the SliMP3, or transfer the broadcasts to the iPod, for roving TiVO-like playback!

I also found that the Sony Ericsson Clicker had been updated, which seems to have ironed out many of the bugs. The new 'keypad' menu -- which allows you to quickly control an application using the keypad or the joystick on the phone -- is fabulous.

Finally, the SliMP3 Server software has been updated again (those guys must never sleep) and as a funky new alarm clock feature. This could be a perfect excuse to get another one to go in the bedroom... It has really been a weekend of geeky audio gizmos so far, and I'm loving it.