Saturday linkage

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A couple of things which caught my eye:

Asia Grace by Kevin Kelly â€" some really stunning photographs taken all over Asia. I only wish I could take photos like this. [via BoingBoing]

Ladies Against Feminism. It looks like a total wind up, but apparently it isn't, which makes me laugh and despair at the same time. Evidently, I am not a "lady". At about the age of 5, I found out that girls were allowed to wear trousers. Applying the logic of a child, I had assumed that if boys weren't allowed to wear skirts (remember, this was the 70's, and I'd never heard of transvestites), girls obviously weren't allowed to wear trousers. Angels appeared, singing the Halleluiah Chorus, and from that moment on, I had to be surgically removed from my jeans (I nearly spelt that "genes", which would have been a bit of a Darwinian slip). You just can't climb trees in a skirt. On very rare occasions, I do wear a skirt or dress, whereupon some wag always says, "So, you do have legs!". I go "hahaha" and think, "Yeah, you see them every day in my trousers — what's the difference?" [via]