Ruby Wedding

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Mr. Bsag and I spent the weekend with my parents and my brother to celebrate my parents' Ruby Wedding Anniversary on Sunday (40 years, for those not fluent in the gemstone to years-married conversion). It was a quiet family do, but great fun, despite the weather doing its best to scupper carefully laid plans with bitter winds and snow.

My brother and I hatched a plot to make them a photo book (using iPhoto) of photographs from their wedding day and a selection of other shots from the 40 years since. Unfortunately, we had to let Dad in on the secret because he is the keeper of the family slide collection, and had to do an enormous amount of scanning and sorting before we put it together. But we made sure that the final selection and layout was a surprise.

It was a roaring success, and both my parents thought it was a lovely idea. Since some of the wedding photos were on slides, they hadn't seen them for years, so it was wonderful to look at them again, and I'm really impressed with the quality of the book. All the images came out really well, and it looks very classy.

I might even order a copy for myself, but I'm definitely going to get enlargements of a wonderful shot from their wedding. It's a colour shot of Mum and Dad in the back of the wedding car, looking gloriously happy and covered in confetti. I suspect that they were also pretty glad to be out of the cold, because their wedding day was also bitterly cold and windy, just like this Sunday.