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Well, I'm flying in a few hours, so this will be the last live content for three weeks or so. Mr. Bsag is under strict instructions to look after himself, the house and the garden (in that order), and I've promised to phone him as often as I'm able.

I didn't like to leave But She's a Girl... with the lights off, so I've resorted to a common broadcaster's summer practice; I'm posting repeats. But She's a Girl... will have been running for three years next month, and looking through the archives, I realised that there were a few posts I wouldn't be embarrassed to put up again. These will turn up intermittently while I'm away — if the WordPress post scheduling works OK. If I do happen to get any internet access, I'll post something live.

Have a great September everyone, and I'll return with tales of adventure near the end of the month.