Recumbenting in the rain

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Once again, the heavens opened this morning while I was cycling to work. I know I go on about the weather a fair bit, but;

  1. I'm British, and therefore obliged to squeeze weather-related conversation in at every possible opportunity.
  2. I cycle almost every day, and therefore have much more contact with the weather than those who commute by bus or car. Literally.

This morning I discovered an unfortunate side effect of the recumbent position: when you're wearing a waterproof jacket and over-trousers, the angle between your upper and lower body provides an excellent container for rain. By the end of my journey this morning, I had a small ornamental water feature in my lap. A certain amount of slopping occurs around corners and as you accelerate and brake, so some of the water inevitably finds its way under your waterproofs. I can see that there might be a minuscule but grateful market for recumbent-specific clothing, which drains the "lap pond" away safely.