Rambling mind

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One of the main benefits of cycling on a car-free path over driving on a car-jammed road is that your mind is free to wander from one pointless, weird topic to the next, without worrying that you'll crash into someone or something. Sometimes when I actually think about what I've been thinking about on these occasions (if you see what I mean), it amazes me that people trust me with a responsible job.

To give an example, this is a rough transcript of my thoughts on last night's commute. Bear in mind that the parts in quotes were 'said' in the privacy of my own head, rather than out loud, because that would make me Crazy Bike Lady, and I'm not her. Yet.

[I pass a gaggle of West Highland terriers and a small, brown, unidentifiable mongrel. I could hear a scrabble of paws behind me, and looked back to see them tearing along, trying to chase me.]

"Can't catch me, lil doggies! Hmm. Where do you put the apostrophes in lil? The apostrophes are indicating missing letters in this case, so they should come both before and after the last 'l'. Li'l'. That's crazy! Apostrophe city. Hehe, Apostrophe City, what a cool place. The kind of place that David Bowie would sing a song about: 'I'm back on Apostrophe City, Oh Yeah, I'm back on Apostrophe City...'"

[Now I've got this fake David Bowie song going round in my head, and it's driving me mad because I can't remember the words or title of the original song. Repeat two lines of fake song on loop for another 5 miles...]

For the benefit of those also wondering what the original song was, it's 'Suffragette City'. And no -- apostrophe doesn't actually scan terribly well in the original context, but what the heck. Bowie would have made it work.