I've just found one of the most fantastically useful utilities ever*. One thing that has bugged me for as long as I've been posting images on the web is that I couldn't easily find the pixel dimensions of an image without opening up an image application of some kind. My decidedly low tech solution was to jot the dimensions down on any piece of paper within arm's reach when resizing the image. This is why all the envelopes and newspapers lying around our flat have odd hieroglyphics on them. Using either the high or low tech solution always seemed like a fantastic waste of time for such a simple thing. Well, I am frustrated no longer! QuickImageCM — a contextual menu plugin from Pixture Studio — allows you to control-click (or right-click, if you are a sensible person with a two-button mouse) any image file to get an instant preview with the image dimensions and file size in a status area at the top of the window. Further useful buttons (with handy keyboard short-cuts) let you copy the image, get more information on it and even convert it to a number of other image formats.

It works extremely smoothly, but what really impresses me is the attention to detail. For example, using the scroll wheel on the mouse increases or decreases the size of the image preview, and the file size given in the status bar is the size of the data fork — just what you need to know for web images. In case you were wondering, for completeness it gives both sizes separately, and the total file size, in the drop-down information sheet.

And you know what the best thing is? It's totally freeware.

* I've just made it sound like one of those irritating compilation albums: "The Best 80's Album In The World Ever!!!"