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We had the assessment for our First Aid at Work course today, and I passed! So I'm now Licensed To Bandage. I even get to carry a little green card in my wallet to certify that I'm a First Aider. Nothing in the course is particularly hard if you know a little bit about the basic plumbing and wiring of the human body and apply common sense, but it is good to feel confident about the correct way to prioritise treatment and the techniques you need to help someone. I think it's fair to say that in a real emergency, a certain amount of adrenalin and panic would set in, so having a memorised and drummed-in checklist of things to, well, check would be a good anchor to hang on to.

CPR is also an excellent skill to have. I think that everyone should really learn how to do it, because of the vital difference you could make in an emergency situation. Imagine how you'd feel if someone collapsed in front of you and stopped breathing, and you just stood there not knowing what to do? Still, I hope I never have to deal with anything that serious.