Progress and multi-tasking

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It's funny how inspiration has a tendency to wax and wane. A week ago, I was really struggling with development of Tracks. I was tired, and even when I had time in the evenings to try and code something, nothing worked out. Then Rails 0.10.0 came out, and I'm flying along again. Things I tried and made an utter hash of before worked first time, and Tracks has come on in leaps and bounds. Either I'm less tired and more inspired, or this release of Rails came with an undisclosed feature of Magic Pixie Dust that wasn't listed in the changelog.

I had to go into the city to do a bit of shopping yesterday, but my mind was whirring with ideas, and I was eager to get back to my laptop. This was when I discovered that my multi-tasking skills are seriously lacking. I was waiting at the bus stop to come back, and designing a new bit of code in my head when I realised that the bus that had been right in front of me for some time — the one which was closing its doors and moving off, and driven by a man with an 'I can't see you pounding desperately on the closed doors' expression on his face — was in fact my bus. In my irritation (and still thinking about securing the signup page), I read the number on the next bus as 104 rather than 114. That one digit makes quite a bit of difference in time to get home, as it turns out. Still, I got to see some new bits of the environs of Birmingham.