Pointless invention of the day award goes to…

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Just what the world needs: a new eating utensil for people who can't coordinate their bowl-mouth popcorn action. Actually if you can't get popcorn in your mouth without a utensil, you probably shouldn't be trusted with pointy plastic objects — you'll have our eye out.

From the publicity blurb:

Hi, I'm Don Sothman. Now you, too, can say good-bye to greasy fingers and paper napkins.  With new finger foods coming to market almost daily, the least I can do is help clean up this delicious mess!

Replace ‘Don Sothman' with ‘Troy McClure‘, and the Popcorn Fork might be up there with Styro-Glow: "the incredibly simple seventeen-step solution that makes your styrofoam look brand new". [Link via BoingBoing]