Pink Floyd at Live8

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Although we were away at the weekend, we caught some of the later parts of the Live8 concert. I wasn't that keen on many of the bands featured — I was much more excited by the concert featuring African musicians at the Eden Centre — but I did want to see Pink Floyd. Actually, since it was 24 years since they had last played together, I was a bit concerned that they might be dreadfully, embarrassingly bad.

Obviously that was a foolish fear. Pink Floyd blew away all of the other bands — even The Who. Their playing was tight and focussed, and the level of passion and feeling they got into the music was — to use the original sense of the word — awesome. I hope that the Scissor Sisters were suitably humbled after hearing 'Comfortably Numb' done the right way^1^. Nick Mason may look like he should be handing out Werther's Originals to adoring grandchildren rather than sitting behind a drum kit, and Roger Waters looks disturbingly like Smashy (or Nicey — I can't remember which was the blonde one), but they still rocked. They are also nice blokes, and have agreed to donate the profits of their increased album sales to charity.

^1^ I love my husband dearly, but the closest I've ever got to wondering if I'd married the right person was when he said that he quite liked the Scissor Sisters version. You think you know someone... Thankfully, he has since recanted.