If you post images to flickr and use iViewMedia to organise your images, you might be interested in PictureSync. It's a little application that monitors which images you've got selected in iViewMedia, and then uploads those images to flickr. It's very configurable, but can use the title, category and keyword fields to make the title and tags for the flickr image. You can also get it to resize the image for upload, which saves a step in Photoshop.

I tend to tag my images with keywords anyway, so this is a real time-saver, and keeps my workflow within iViewMedia Pro. Another cool thing it does is to save the flickr image ID to a custom field, so that you could construct a URL to show the page on which the image appears in flickr.

Apparently, it can upload to iVerse, Buzznet and too, though as I don't subscribe to those services, I can't tell you how well it works. It also works with iPhoto, but then so do some of the other flickr uploading tools; PictureSync is the first I've found that supports iViewMedia.